dallen-200x300Hello, my name is Dallen and this website is my brainchild.  I work as a Critical Care Paramedic, a job I genuinely love.  The job is very rewarding on multiple levels.  It is an awesome thing to be part of a highly skilled team that can make a difference in someone’s life when they experience sickness or injury.  I take my job very seriously.  Someone once related to me that when a person seeks the service of an ambulance or a hospital, it’s not because they are having the best day of their life.  In a very real sense, they may be having the worst day of their life.  I am in a unique position to make the day better or worse.  Through my own individual commitment to self-betterment, I improve the skill set I am able to offer those who need it.  I’ve often said, it’s not that I want you to get sick, I just want to be there when you do.  In the sea of emotion on high-energy, high-stress calls, my world seems to slow down.  I gently and sweetly slip into my element and together, with the care team, miracles happen.


I’m very passionate about education, specifically pre-hospital EMS.  Sadly, the paramedics worst enemy is the paramedic.  Our laziness and lack of commitment to our profession are our biggest hindrances.  Every time I hear about a poorly trained paramedic that has let someone needlessly die- or worse, actually contributed to their death- it really gets to me.  Fortunately, we can change this.  Through a commitment to better ourselves and those we work with, we can bring better care to sick people and more respect for the people who provide it.


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